Knife Sharpening & Delivery

Our Shop

Market Grinding’s 10,000 square foot shop located in Middleboro, Massachusetts is staffed with experienced and dedicated knife sharpening experts, using well-maintained sharpening machines. We sharpen nearly 15,000 knives per week during our peak summer season.

Sharpening & Delivery

Most of our customers choose to use the knives we supply, although we are also happy to sharpen your own knives.

Once the knives are sharpened, we deliver them to customers throughout New England. Our hybrid car delivery vehicles help to keep our operating costs low, a savings we are able to pass along to our customers.

Market Grinding has routes all over New England, so we’re probably going by your door on a regular basis.

By utilizing Market Grinding’s knife sharpening service, you’ll never need to remember to call again. Regularly-scheduled deliveries will be put into our system, and you can customize the frequency and order.

Schedules and Pricing for Pickup and Delivery

Pricing is dependent on both the number of knives to be sharpened and the frequency of your sharpening schedule. Most of Market Grinding’s customers are on a weekly schedule, but we also have a number of every-other-week and once-a-month customers.  A final quote can be provided based on the size and types of knives being sharpened and the frequency schedule. Special programs can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

We regularly work out programs to meet specific customer needs, so please give us a call at 800-5SHARP1 (800-574-2771) or 508-947-0404 or email us. We will be glad to provide a no obligation estimate for your business.

Free Knife Trial

We’ll take your knives for sharpening and loan you a razor sharp set to test drive while yours are being sharpened. The next week we’ll drop off your newly sharpened knives. We’re making this free knife sharpening trial offer because we’re convinced that once you try the program you will want to continue.

With Market Grinding’s service, you’ll never, ever, have to buy knives for your kitchen again. If a knife is broken or lost we’ll just replace it when the next knife sharpening order arrives. We’ll also provide you a FREE knife rack or sharpening steel when you sign up, yours to keep if you continue the service.

The cost for Market Grinding’s knife sharpening service is minimal. The benefits include helping your food preparation personnel work faster, produce more, expend less effort and avoid stress injuries – all facts leading to happy staff and management.

Once a week (or every other week) we pick up your knives for sharpening. In their place we leave a complete set of replacement knives for you to use until our next visit. On each succeeding visit, we pick up your dull knives and drop off a freshly sharpened set. So, when you use Market Grinding’s knife sharpening service, You will never, ever, be without sharp knives in your kitchen again.